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The MSP Demo Day Speakers And Agenda

How To Build Out Your Sales Team: Who to Hire First

Here you’ll discover how one of the biggest struggles that MSPs deal with when trying to grow is building an effective (and affordable) sales team. In this session, I’ll show you WHEN and WHO to hire first for your sales team so that you can get out of the day-to-day sales activity and scale your business. 

Robin Robins

CEO & Founder

The Game-Changing Solution for Protecting Client Networks

Join this session to understand how Dell Technologies Managed Detection and Response Services team is ready to help you protect your clients. You will leave better understanding the solution, receive a live demo of the platform, and learn how taking advantage Dell’s Expert Network program can help you grow and scale your MSP business and improve your security posture.

Solution Principal-Managed Services

Complex Solutions Specialist

Alicia Bowling

Dell Expert Network Program Manager

Hybrid Cybersecurity: How to Leverage the Powerful Combination of Human Expertise + AI for Bullet-Proof Security

We know that AI is imperative to help solve challenges that aren’t feasible via traditional methods – but if leveraged incorrectly in a cybersecurity setting can have the potential to leave your clients with major security gaps and complicated processes.

The real answer is a hybrid approach. Covalence, a managed detection and response (MDR) platform won Best Enterprise Machine Learning Solution for Cybersecurity and Risk in Aite-Novarica’s 2022 Impact Awards.

The hybrid Covalence platform enables hands-free cybersecurity for the underserved small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). It’s delivered as a service and blends discrete security analytics with machine learning in a way that does not require customers to configure, train, or monitor algorithms.

In this session, Andrew Loschmann, Co-founder & COO, walks through why the hybrid approach is the only way to confidently secure organizations against known and emerging threats.

Additional product highlights include:
– Secure the network, endpoints and cloud all from one platform
– Simple alerts & remediation that can be managed by L1 techs
– Integrates with Connectwise & AutoTask

Andrew Loschmann

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

"How to Combat The Silent Predator Lurking in Your Inbox"

Phishing might be the single most impactful way that cybercriminals are attacking businesses. When AI is sprinkled in, it takes these threats to a new level. As more and more anti-phishing solutions pop up, it’s difficult to decipher the great from the not-so-great. Join Miles as he dives into the terribly scary world of phishing and how AI is completely altering the threat landscape.

90% of cyberattacks that end in breach, start with a phishing email. Protecting your house from phishing attacks should be at the top of your cyber hygiene list. Miles will walk you through the ins and outs of Graphus and share stories and practical insights that you can implement today to step up your cyber game.

Miles Walker

Channel Development Manager

Andrew Salazar

Solution Specialist

The AI Advantage: How This Cutting-Edge AI-Based Threat Detection Technology Revolutionizes Cyber Security

Get ready for a mind-blowing showcase of Malwarebytes’ cutting-edge capabilities that go beyond virus removal. Discover why MSPs worldwide are flocking to us for their toughest security challenges. With advanced threat detection, proactive threat hunting, seamless patch management, and state-of-the-art AI technology, our comprehensive security suite revolutionizes cybersecurity. Join us and explore game-changing possibilities for you and your clients through a partnership with Malwarebytes!

Eddie Phillips

Manager, Global MSP Channel Development

From SLA to Service Magic: How AI Optimized Service Can Help You Grow Faster, Get Referrals, and Make You A Hero to Your Customers

In this session, Thread CEO, Mark Alayev, will examine the game-changing impact potential of AI on B2B service experiences. We’ll deep dive into real-world use cases showcasing how AI optimizes service experience, boosts customer satisfaction, and can dramatically improve your MSP’s unit economics.

Mark Alayev


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